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Welcome to E-Cig Reviews by True Raspberry. Whether you’re new to the world of e-cigs or an avid vaper looking for the next best thing, you’ve come to the right place. This blog exists to serve as your guide into the world of vaping and out of the world of smoking. Whether you’re looking to read the latest e-cig reviews, stay up to date with the industry’s breaking news, or just want to learn more about electronic cigarettes, we have all the information you need to start making the switch to e-cigs. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend reading our review on some of the best e-cig brands such as Green Smoke e-cig, White Cloud Cigarettes, and Apollo E-Cig.

How to Find Quality Electronic Cigarettes?

E-Cigarette Reviews and Brands

E-Cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular. With more and more business, restaurants, and even cities, states, and municipalities prohibiting smoking it is harder and harder to enjoy a cigarette these days out in public. Nicotine is addictive, that’s not news to anyone. And yes, e-cigarettes contain nicotine (read this article from Huffington Post). But some of the best e-cig brands contain no nicotine, and many e-cigarette makers have developed vapor cartridges that are available in diminishing amounts of nicotine. This can help you slowly wean yourself off of nicotine over time. Once you’ve successfully weaned yourself of the nicotine, you may still find yourself reaching for the cigarettes, as part of a nervous habit that you’ve done for years, possibly even decades. Zero nicotine cartridges will give you the experience of smoking without the nicotine, while you work on finding another outlet for your nervous energy. So how do you find the best e-cigarettes?

There are many reputable e-cigarette review sites available to help you locate the highest quality electronic cigarettes on the market. There are many factors to consider when choosing an e-cig. Factors such as Customer Service, Warranty of the vapor dispensing unit, Flavors available, Nicotine Levels available, Money Back Guarantee, and User Reviews are all key components to choosing your brand. With the price of E-Cigarettes running up to $100 or more, it is vitally important to get it right the first time.

For starters the first thing to do is to search the internet for reviews. But finding unbiased reviews can be difficult. Some review sites are actually owned and run by the e-cigarette companies themselves. This can cause conflicting data to appear. It’s best to scour several sites and focus on those that contain actual user reviews and comments before making any decisions. After you have perused several review sites you will easily find that two or three consistently stand out above the rest. They aren’t named here so this article can be timeless in an ever-changing industry. But two to three brands will definitely jump out as clear winners over the rest. From there you can read the user comments to see what people liked best about each brand.

Next you will want to consider your specific likes and habits.

  • Are you looking for a robust or exotic flavor? That might influence the brand you choose.
  • Are you hoping to quit smoking altogether someday? Then you will definitely want to choose an electronic cigarette brand that offers varying levels of nicotine cartridges to facilitate this desire.
  • Do you prefer a red or an orange LED light on the burner?

By doing your homework ahead of time you can narrow the list down to the top three brands for you to consider. Then you will want to double-check the warranties and customer service comments from users. If you have any difficulties you want to know that you’ll have support.

Lastly talk to your local tobacco shop to see if they can offer any suggestions and guidance on trends they are seeing. For example a particular brand may have made changes to their cartridge design recently that is causing customer dissatisfaction. This type of information may not have yet made its way across the internet.

Using these tools and guidelines you should be able to choose a quality e-cigarette brand to enjoy.

Which E-Cig Company is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a company that offers loads of options (starter kits, flavors, accessories, etc.), our Vapor4Life review might be a good place to start. Vapor4Life is known for offering hundreds of options to customize your vaping experience. Some people become overwhelmed with the options, so if you’re looking for something simple and straightforward White Cloud Cigarettes might be a better option for you.